Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Em and I went out early on Tuesday.  Early = ~ 830 AM.  Went to the area East of our "villa."  To the three posts, and the abandoned building.  Very close to shore.  Then to the area right by our three kayaks.  About a hundred or so yards out.

We saw:

A Lobster

A Barracuda

I was startled because I was looking at Em, and then I looked the other way, and it was swimming away from me. Here, Dale is pointing at it.

An eel?  Not sure what this is.

Cute little fish.

Dale swimming with a school of little ones.

We were swimming about an hour or a little more, and then got out and we see horses on the beach.

After lunch, Dale went out to snorkel, while Em took a long walk. The others rested in the "villa."  Here is a video of the little stick fish that I found.

After they came out to join us, there was a stingray in the water very close to shore.  Here is a "mistake" video of the shadow moving along the surf. It's just a couple of seconds.

A video of another stingray. I got a little bit too close, I think.

Getting bored with stingrays?

Here is Em jumping.

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