Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Penultimate Day

Today is our last full day here.  A quick wrap up of yesterdays events. After a quick breakfast, we got to Taylor Bay (the medium sized, very, very shallow beach) at about 10 AM.  Spent about 2 hours there, doing nothing.  But that is what they wanted.  The ocean is like a huge swimming pool, 3 feet deep for hundreds of feet all around.  Nothing else to do.  

Here is a selfie video @ Taylor Bay:

The beach has fine sand, but there is a rocky surf that one needs to watch for,

There is a pretty narrow beach, not the expansive type,

Rocky cliffs on one side,

Expensive villas with docks on the other,

There are some smaller beachfront villas (by the way, a huge chunk of this beachfront was once owned by Dick Clark),

Basically, nothing to do but this:

We came back to our "villa," had lunch, and then everyone got sleepy.  Except me.  I had a date with the ocean.

A funny shaped fish,

I found a cousin of Kink's.  Cheek is his name.

I saw a tiny turtle.

Later, we went to Garam Masala, Indian cuisine at the Regent, in "town."  Connie's Fish Tandoori.

Em's mixed vegetables

Sam's Prawn Tikka Masala.

My Mixed Grill.

The food was all excellent! Would go there again.  This place would do well anywhere in the world.

Good night.

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