Saturday, August 1, 2015

going home

I should say, home already.  I got pretty burned despite pretty diligent use of sunscreen...  It limited my enjoyment of the outdoors a little bit on our last day.  I didn't go out swimming in the AM.  Sam, Em, and Connie went out that AM.

The last night of our trip, we went to Baci Ristorante.  It was our favorite place to eat of this trip.  I realize that I omitted a mention of this place earlier, since we went there on Saturday too.  

And actually, this was a mistake on my part.  Big mistake.  I wanted to go to Coco Bistro (no cut on Baci, which is great).  CB is touted as a fine place to eat (many say the best on the island).  But the restaurants we had gone to have been all empty.  This was the low time of the year for the island.  I thought I would just call the afternoon of our dinner for reservations.  I tried before several days before, but the line was always busy, as it was this day...  So, after a gazillion tries, I get through, but they were full for that day, and the next available was the next day at 9 PM, when we would be at ATL waiting for our flight to SFO.  Boo!  My bad.

Anyway, that last Saturday, we had pizza (no cheese for Em), Conch Ravioli for Sam, and Connie and I both got the Linguini with Seafood.

This is a nice Italian place on the wharf in Turtle Cove, about two blocks from our "villa."

Anyway, we ate there again our last night. Everyone there recognized us.  Maybe because there were very few Asians on the island.  Maybe because I took both the merchant copy and customer copy of the credit card slip. Who knows? Geico knows.

Connie had the same dish, and Emily also had the same cheese-less Pizza.

I had Prawn Fettuccine Alfredo.

Sammie had a pizza with cheese.  Sam only ate half, but Em ate the whole thing both nights!

Always time for dessert, Tiramisu.

So, we got to the airport the AM of departure pretty early.  Sam was hungry and got Cracked Conch at Gilly's, the main only restaurant at PLS.  We went to the upstairs (beyond security), and they have a Gilly's bar, but you could order food, and they'll deliver take out to the upstairs.

The Conch was quite good! 

For a small airport, it was very comfortable!

One other note.  On the 5 hour leg from ATL to SFO, there was a minor medical emergency on the plane; they asked for any doc to come to assist.  So, my nap was interrupted...  Hopefully, the lady is ok.