Monday, July 5, 2010

Last Pictures from Our Trip

Back home now, jet lagged, but doing laundry.  Connie went to work right after coming home from the airport.  I am hoping to wake up Em soon from her deep nap.

Sam and Connie found a breakfast place (Nihon shoku) in Tokyo about a block away from our hotel about a week ago. They took us there yesterday AM (actually it was this AM, with the date change).  Similar to the place in Hiroshima, only they had set menus rather than buffet/a la carte.  Each of our breakfasts was about ¥400.  From top to bottom, Sam, Connie, Em, and my breakfasts. Mine is Katsu-don.





OK, a couple of hours before taking the train to Narita, we wanted to get one more meal in.  We went to another tsukemen place in Tokyo station.  I think this place wasn't quite as good as the place next door where we ate our first Tokyo lunch. But the texture of the noodles was superb. They were fatter, and the soup had a sort of sweet flavor.


They had a pitcher of water at each table, and I noticed something in each pitcher.  Connie was observant, and thought they were charcoal logs, to help to absorb foul odors or chemicals. Closer examination revealed that they were indeed little logs.


One last chance to relax at the hotel before catching the train.


The Narita Express (N'Ex) to the airport. Nice luxury (green car) with leather seats. Here, a pensive Sam, deep in thought about our trip.


Last meal at Narita.  Sam got Curry rice, Em got tempura, and Connie had a bowl of udon.


There was an Origami museum and store near our gate.  Neat looking. There were several large dioramas made with all origami.


One last picture at Narita.


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