Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're Here!

Weather is hot hot hot.  Humid humid humid.  No rain at all.  There were floods in Hiroshima and Kyushu but we have been lucky with no rain.  But the heat just zaps all your energy.

We walked all around Ginza and Tsukiji on Monday.    We would have walked to Asakusa and Sensoji, but it was just toooo hot.  We'll see temples in Kyoto, I guess.   Had tsukemen at Tokyo Station.  This is ramen with a thick concentrated dipping sauce. Superb noodles.  Waited about 45 minutes to an hour in line to eat there.  Stuffed afterwards.

Later we went to Ueno, and walked around Ameyoko. We then took the Yamanote circle just for fun.  I told Connie that Shinjuku was busier than Tokyo station, so she wanted to go there.  It may be busier, but Tokyo Station wins hands down in amenities (shopping and food).

Here is our messy corner room with nice views of Ginza and the train tracks.  During the day, we see a Shinkansen train every few minutes.  Really nice people here. Very small hotel (57 rooms).

Monday night had tempura - soba at the Marunouchi Bldg.  The Citibank ATM's work here


Shave ice dessert.


Went to Tsukiji auction on Tuesday AM.  Walked about 2 miles at 330 AM to get in line.  Very hot and humid even in the middle of the night.  Our green vests are our ticket in.


A little chilly inside, but it was welcome after the walk.


The men inspecting the sliced samples to see which ones to bid on. It was hard to view the actual auction.  Couldn't tell what the guys were yelling.  I suggest going there soon, since it is supposed to move elsewhere in 2012.



We went to Sushi Dai in Tsukiji to eat.  Waited 1.5 hours in the heat/humidity to eat there.  Superb sushi!  13 seats in the place along a counter.

They open at 5AM, and we lined up in the queue at about 6AM after watching the auction.  Started eating about 730.  Connie and I had one piece each of kuromaguro.  Rich. We also each had a piece of still-alive akagai.  Mine was wriggling around on the nigiri.


Tokyo Big Sight at Odaiba.


Connie's next car (at Toyota Megaweb in Odaiba)  The kids rode around on these hybrid pedal-battery cars.  Didn't do too much else there, since we wanted to get back to the hotel.  Bought some $50 glasses for Sam.  Took about 25 minutes.


Shimbashi station.


We met up with one of Sammie's old school friends who lives in Tokyo later yesterday afternoon. They hung out at the Mall while the rest of us rested.  Ate Katsu Curry at the station mall last night.

To Hiroshima tomorrow.

On Jul 19, 2010, at 9:31 AM, Conner, Carol S. wrote:

yes, thx for the update!  how's the weather?  I read that it's really rainy?

getting acclimated to the time change?  and yes looking forward to pics and stories of delicious eats! :)

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Congrats on getting there.  Glad to hear you made it safe.  I'm
looking forward to seeing some pics.  How did the girls do on the trip
with the lack of sleep?  Be sure to relax a bit on your vacay.  All rush
and it won't be that much different from home.

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