Sunday, July 4, 2010

Volume 4, Final Installment

Monday, in Tokyo, fresh back from Kyoto, we journeyed to Shinjuku after a light breakfast of pastries at the station. Went to the Govt building, 45th floor, to see the clear skyline of Tokyo. Kind of disappointing.


Rooftop garden at Isetan in Shinjuku for a quick lunch of depato food.


Connie just enjoys the gentle warm weather.  Good thing her salad came packed with ice.



We forgot to bring the kid's Kumon papers, so I had to run to get some extras.  Actually, this was on the way to a fly fishing store in Nishi-Shinjuku. I took a subway by myself to get there while the kids and Connie remained at Isetan. I had trouble finding the place. It is quite a challenge to find places in Japan; I asked a couple of people on the street, and they had no idea what I was talking about. The store ended up being tiny, but packed with expensive gear.


Later that night, we went to Kinmaru in the Ginza. Hole in the wall place that I had read about.  The best ramen I've ever had.  Small bite-sized pieces of buta kakuni. Perfect soft-center eggs.  Perfect Tonkotsu broth, glistening with fat globules.  Not too salty.  Sam had the hiya ramen salad.



Breakfast yesterday was in Tokyo Station.  Every time we are there, we find a new shopping/food arcade.  The place is huge!!  Sam had her favorite, Kari rice, while Connie had her udon, Em had Tenzaru Soba, and I had Tempura Soba.





Later we went to Kiba, off the Tozai line, to go to a supermarket.  We wanted to see what one was like.  There are none in the Marunouchi/Ginza area.  Only very small store. This place, Ito Yokado, was like a fancy Walmart.  They sold clothes, shoes and of course groceries. The kids went hog wild buying Japanese candy.


We ate pre-lunch there.  Sam wanted their spaghetti, Em wanted a parfait and we all shared a green tea doughnut (chewy spongy texture, and it was great -- from a chain called Mr. Donut). I had a deluxe sushi box (only 1200 yen).


I especially liked my Uni and Ama Ebi.


This is our lunch.  Green Tea soft serve ice cream.


Connie bought this Kuro Goma Dango at Takashimaya later in the afternoon.  However, it was disappointing.  It was savory, not sweet.  Connie's smile soon turned upside down. Sure looks good, though.


On the way to dinner, Sam spied this green tea belgian waffle place.  The obligatory stop led to the obligatory purchase, and then the obligatory picture.


Dinner was very good but expensive.  Tonkatsu at a gourmet restaurant.


We forgot to take a picture beforehand, so you'll have to trust us. It really was tonkatsu.  The tell tale cabbage remains.


We were still hungry afterwards, so while the kids ran off around Tokyo Station, Connie and I went to share a bowl of Shoyu Ramen.  We were half-way through with the bowl, when we remembered we forgot the picture.


Home tomorrow...  Everyone is sad.

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