Saturday, September 17, 2016

3rd Full Day in Tokyo

No Yamazaki 12 here at this store.  I only saw it once, for about ¥12500.  Also a tiny bottle in our mini bar at the Four Seasons for ¥2000.  This pic was taken in a small grocery in Kagurazaka. We owe some thanks to Kayla, as she recommended this area to walk through.  Connie loved this area.  We actually saw a bunch of realty storefronts, with some inexpensive apartments.

Making some manju like thingies.  Didn't eat any.

Found this place which made some great drumettes.

Started with one, then two and then a couple more. ¥100 each!  We spent a bit of time there since Sam and Em were in a cosmetic store a block away.

Sweet edamame dango.

A Chestnut bun.

A not-so-great bau.  Didn't taste so good and too liquidy inside (messed me up, when I bit into mine).

Michael must be setting up shop here.

Found a healthy salad place.  Pretty good, actually, even though I like meat!

We got back to the station, and Connie and Em wanted Chazuke at En (Shin Maru Biru B1F).  They've been there numerous times before, but I'm not much into this. So, Sam and I went to Soranoiro in Tokyo Ramen Street at Tokyo Station.  This restaurant has Vegan ramen, like T's the night before. Here, Karl is behaving himself.

They serve Coedo beer here.  Didn't know anything about it.  Mild, un-hoppy.  Goes well with mild ramen.  Their Coedo website is interesting.

My ramen is a shoyu ramen.  Assari.  Nice chunks of Butakakuni along with Chashu.  The butakakuni was actually pretty lean, but accordingly was a bit dry.  The egg was nice, with a mildly salty, shoyu-like yolk. Noodles were medium sized, and for Japan, medium hardness (which, for the USA, would be very firm).  I'd go back, but not again this trip.

Vegan ramen.  A bit spice, according to Sammie.  She ate it all.

The new place around the corner from En in the Shin Maru Biru B1F.  Actually, just new to us.  There are two places right next to each other.  I don't remember the names, but this one is the one on the right.

Kakigori with ice cream in the middle. Nicely textured dango in the inside. 


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  1. We loved kagurazaka as well! Great snacking! Ramen looks great. Remember when you said you are not into ramen anymore? Silly. Everyone looks happy and I see you already mentioned going back next year cool.